Canvas, Forex, Plexiglass


Make an impression with a unique photo souvenir printed on a beautiful canvas! Create your own stylish atmosphere and give your walls an inspiring touch with Photo on Canvas

The photo is printed on a universal, satin canvas that is ideally suited for printing art and photo reproductions. Canvas cloth is a universal artistic, cotton/polyester blend canvas suited for solvent, latex and UV inks. The satin finish allows prints with excellent colour reproduction. The printed surface shows no signs of white shards and is splash proof.

The material has been specially developed for industrial printing of framed art and photographs.

The canvas is stretched on a 2cm thick wooden frame and fitted with slats to bring the canvas to the right tension.


  • Brilliant colour rendering
  • Fast drying
  • Splash proof
  • Weight: 380 gr/m2
  • Thickness: 475 μm


The bright white Forex has very good mechanical properties and a high quality. The fine closed homogeneous cell structure and smooth silk matt surface make Forex Classic an ideal material for high-quality indoor and outdoor applications in the long term.


  • Bright white wear-resistant surface.
  • Foamed PVC sheet
  • Highly dimensionally stable
  • Lightweight and yet very sturdy
  • 10 mm thickness


The colours of a photo on plexiglass are bright and intense, so your photo is razor-sharp and has a beautiful depth effect. The photo is printed on the back of the plexiglass so that the shine of the glass is nicely over the photo. As a finishing touch, the print on the back is finished with a white coating, which makes the print even more brilliant.

Detailed on 100% transparent PETG printed

  • Directly behind 5 mm PETG printed
  • Fixed in shape, even with large images
  • Sealing on the back by means of a white coating
  • Beautiful display of your photo
  • Can also be used in sheltered outdoor areas

Acrylic is a crystal-clear, hard, shiny, lightfast and highly shock-resistant plastic plate. Compared to glass, acrylic is more resistant because it is less fragile.