Photo paper description

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper

Resists extreme conditions to preserve your photos

From Fujifilm comes a standard photo paper that is anything but standard: Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper. This high-quality paper delivers enhanced colour reproduction, exceptional image stability and excellent photo handling. It incorporates a silver halide emulsion, coupler and layer-design technology to deliver enhanced colour reproduction, white purity, exceptional image stability and better handling of the photo.

Every second is worth keeping. Preserve everyday situations like your kids’ birthdays or an unforgettable snapshot. Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper will never fail to impress you – it offers real value for all your needs.

  • Perfect for everyday snapshots and single prints
  • Enjoy the impressive vividness when used as postcards and wall decorations
  • Holiday pictures and school photography become a moving memory


● Excellent image stability

● Vivid color reproduction

What you'll like about it:

Every second is worth saving.

Save everyday situations such as your children's birthdays or an unforgettable moment.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper will always impress you.

"Turn your daily life into a memory forever"

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme papier

A supreme photo paper for unrivalled moments

Meet Fujifilm's Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme Paper. This silver halide colour paper is something very special. It comes with a thicker base, which has superior processing properties and is recognisable by the attractive, premium golden print on the back of the paper. It has a luxurious quality in feel and appeal.

Great days and special occasions deserve to be preserved. With Supreme Paper you can capture and treasure major sporting events, your children's graduation or important moments in life. This paper makes all your special and unsurpassed days vivid forever. This is creativity that exceeds your expectations.

  • Perfect for wall-mounted posters: Your photos will become long-lasting, high-quality treasures.
  • Family life, school and sporting events are captured and embellished thanks to the luxurious feel and appearance of the paper and the golden print on the back of the paper.
  • Highest quality prints you like to watch or give away on special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas


  • Thicker paper base
  • Golden back print
  • Excellent image stability
  • Vivid colour reproduction